Better Roads for Ridgeland

Unlike the politicians in Washington, Ridgeland knows how to balance a budget. As long as I have been mayor, we have always kept a healthy reserve fund. In 2016, Ridgeland had nearly $23 million in revenue and a reserve fund of $16 million. I will continue to protect Ridgeland's fiscal health by maintaining the reserve fund if you choose to re-elect me as your mayor.

Our fiscally responsible policies keep our bond rating high, which makes it less expensive for us to invest in crucial infrastructure needs such as the Lake Harbour Extension, which broke ground this week.

Part of my plan for the next term is to continue improving Ridgeland's infrastructure. The extension of Lake Harbour Drive from Highway 51 will provide a critical east-west corridor that will greatly enhance transportation in Ridgeland. This roadway is very important for the reduction of traffic in the Jackson Street area. It will also extend the multiuse trail system. After completion, motorists will be able to travel from Highland Colony Parkway all the way into Rankin County.

Statement From Mayor Gene McGee On Filing Deadline For Mayoral Election

"In my campaign for re-election, I am not running against my opponent. I am running to continue building on the progress we have made together. I brought my business approach to government that has resulted in the lowest property taxes, highest quality of life and lowest unemployment rate of any municipality in the area. Under my leadership, the City of Ridgeland has not raised taxes and has always maintained a balanced budget. In fact, Ridgeland has a reserve fund of over $15 million. It is because of our conservative fiscal management that we enjoy an excellent bond rating.

"Our schools are exceptional, our parks and trails are first class, and our infrastructure is strong and sound. Our comprehensive long-term plans ensure that we plan and budget for continuous upgrade of facilities, systems, and roadways. Our citizens enjoy favorable insurance rates because of the quality of our Ridgeland Fire Department and Police Department.

"I am proud of my record of achievement and am excited about the plans for the future. Please visit my website, to learn more about those plans."