Gene's Plan for Ridgeland

No Tax Increases

Part of what makes Ridgeland great is our low cost of living and low property tax rates.

I have never raised taxes on the citizens of Ridgeland, and will not raise them in my next term.

Continue Improving Infrastructure

Two new additions, Lake Harbour extension. and Colony Park Boulevard, will connect East and West Ridgeland to ease traffic congestion and improve city wide interconnection.

Expand our already top-rated Ridgeland trails for pedestrian and bicycle use.

Protect Our Town's Character

Emphasize conservation, expansion of parks, trails, and open spaces to maintain our relaxed, small town atmosphere.

High Quality Commercial and Residential Developments

No rezoning that would negatively affect existing property values.

Emphasize high end commercial development and high-quality residential growth.

Enhance Quality of Life

Complete the new City Center Complex as an anchor for our downtown.

Continue to work towards expansion Freedom Ridge Park and a spectacular gateway into the city.

Keep Ridgeland Safe

Increase the number of police officers on the force to ensure exceptional protection for all Ridgeland neighborhoods and businesses.

Stay ahead of the curve by investing in technology and innovative equipment to help our police officers prevent and solve crimes.