Meet Mayor Gene McGee


  • Mayor of Ridgeland since 1989
  • Past President Mississippi Municipal League
  • President Madison County Waste Water Authority
  • Past President Mississippi Urban Forest Council
  • Former Member Board of Directors Pearl River Water Supply District
  • Member Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra
  • Member United Republican Fund
  • Member Colonial Heights Baptist Church
  • Member Board of Directors Mississippi Municipal Service Company
  • President of the Board of Directors of Mississippi Municipal Liability Company


Gene McGee was born and reared in Hickory, Mississippi, where he learned the values of hard work and perseverance from his parents. He developed a strong belief that hard work is honorable and that our opportunities are limited only by our ability to envision our goals.

A proud product of public schools, McGee moved to Ridgeland in 1971 where he started a successful career in insurance and estate planning. He attended East Central Community College and has a degree in Insurance Marketing from The Institute of Insurance in Washington, DC. McGee served as President of Jackson Association of Life Underwriters, and as Regional Vice President and Membership Chairman of Mississippi Association of Life Underwriters. Always active in public and civic affairs, McGee ran for Alderman, City of Ridgeland in 1985 and won.

Gene McGee and his wife, Jane, have been married since 1971. They have two children and seven grandchildren.

Serving Ridgeland

In 1989, he ran for Mayor and defeated the incumbent. As Mayor, he brought his experience in business, and a proactive management style to City of Ridgeland to create a positive atmosphere that encouraged residential and commercial growth. McGee's leadership has been the guiding force that has made City of Ridgeland a model that larger municipalities follow.

His guidance and business approach have been beneficial to the City's growth in the past 27 years. McGee believes that planning for growth and sound, conservative financial management are paramount in positioning the City to maximize opportunities. Under his leadership, City of Ridgeland has created comprehensive plans, including the City's Master Plan that analyze trends and anticipate needs in a proactive manner. A benefit of such planning is evident by federal and state funds that the City has been able to secure, and the projects that have been completed without increasing taxes. Additionally, the City's excellent financial standing allows financing of bonds at highly favorable rates.

City of Ridgeland provides wholesome, family-friendly programs and environments that include bike/walking trails that are enjoyed by citizens of Ridgeland and the surrounding areas, and the award-winning Freedom Ridge Park that hosts local, regional and national events. Evidence of McGee's belief is the City's financial investments that provide excellent services and safe facilities that promote activities through which families build strong relationships and create memories.

About Ridgeland

The City of Ridgeland has been uniquely positioned through long-term strategic planning that maximizes the City's potential while capturing federal grants and funding that allow development while minimizing the impact of taxes on homes and businesses.

A Thriving City

Mayor Gene McGee provides strong, responsible, responsive, business-like leadership to the City of Ridgeland, and the results are a strong, thriving economy.

  • The first Mississippi city to be awarded Moody's AA bond rating.
  • Strong tax base.
  • No tax increase in the last 27 years.
  • The healthy Reserve Fund assures that the City can adequately respond to emergencies that may arise.

A Developing City

Exceptional developments have created opportunities for local businesses to grow and create new jobs in the community.

  • 250+ Public Works/Infrastructure projects completed.
  • $685,000,000+ in construction value.
  • 580+ Economic development projects completed.

A Healthy City

Safe and accessible park facilities ensure an unparalleled recreational program for Ridgeland citizens.

  • Recognized as a bicycle friendly community and Mississippi's "Healthiest Hometown."
  • Participation in Natchez Trace Century Ride more than doubled.
  • Increased attendance at KidFest! each year.
  • Increased tournament hosting each year.
  • 15% increase in participation in outdoor recreation.
  • All was accomplished with an operating budget that is currently 0.7% LESS than the 2013 operating budget for Recreation & Parks.

A Safe City

By ensuring federal grants we support our first responders and ensure a safe city for our business and families to grow.

  • Annual decreases in crime rates.
  • 33% increased community participation in Ridgeland Neighbor's Night Out Program.
  • Created Adopt-A-Cop Program to develop a bond between law enforcement and students.
  • Police Department had the first Human Trafficking case that resulted in a conviction in the State of Mississippi.
  • Fire inspections up 100% since converting to inspection files to an electronic database.